Best Reasons to Rekey your Residential Locks

rekey residential locksWhy You Should Rekey Residential Locks

Rekeying is very important when you’re looking to rent an apartment or house that has previously been used.

It can potentially save you money and keep your home safe and secure for less than a lock change.

Here are some great reasons to rekey residential locks in your home.

  1. When you’re moving into a used apartment or rental home

    • One of the big things to consider when moving into an apartment/home is who lived there before you. You never know whether the former person left on good terms or not which could be a big security risk down the road.
  2. When you want a little extra security for your property

    • Maybe you live in a sketchy neighborhood and want to ensure your property’s safety when you’re not at home. Therefore, instead of changing your lock out for an expensive new one, just rekey the cylinder by yourself or with help from a locksmith. It will save you time and money you can spend on other renovations you want to work on.
  3. When your lock has stopped working

    • Maybe your lock isn’t turning the way it’s supposed to or it isn’t budging at all. In these cases, it’s a great idea to switch out the lock cylinder and get a rekey that keeps your property safe again.
  4. When you want a low-cost alternative to changing your lock

    • Most lock changes are very expensive and can cost you upwards of a hundred dollars for parts and labor. Not to mention that you will need to buy a new key as well when you change the lock. In contrast, to Rekey Residential Locks costs less because the total cost of the pins is usually much lower than a lock change. Plus, you don’t need to get a new key for a rekey job as the locksmith will change out the pins to fit the key you will use.
  5. When you’re short on time

    • For a lock change, you usually need quite some time to get the materials to disassemble the old lock. And then, you still need to buy the new lock, which takes more time. With rekeying, you simply change out the pins in the old lock to match the newly cut key. And within 10-15 minutes, you have a new key and a secure lock that will last you a lifetime.

Ultimately, to Rekey Residential Locks saves you time and money and secures your lock for less than it would cost at a dealership. If you need quick rekeying services, call Key Man Service Locksmith in Santa Clarita and get quick rekeying service in 20 minutes or less. Our phone number is (661) 210-1182 and we’re available around the clock, 24/7. Contact us today.