How to secure your home before your holiday vacation

How to secure your home before your holiday vacation

Honestly, nothing spoils a holiday more than coming back only to find out that your home has been robbed. To find out your home become a crime victim while you were away. Therefore it is extremely important to ensure the security of our homes is on point even when we are away. Protecting your home valuables even when you are away is as important as protecting those items that you bring along with you. Consult the professionals such as locksmith experts for advises regarding our home security solution when we are away.

Why consult a locksmith home security expert?

A locksmith security expert is familiar and experienced in a wide range of security solutions. Therefore he/she is able to recommend the best home security measures best for you while you are away for vacation.

Below are tips on how to secure your home before your holiday summers. These tips will protect your home from intruders and burglars.

  1. Get a home monitoring system.

Monitoring what is going on at our homes while away is something essential. Therefore getting a good home monitoring system e.g. a CCTV system is not something to urge about. Talk to your locksmith expert about your security requirements and he/she will help you choose the most convenient home monitoring system for you. These systems will vary depending on different types of homes. Some home monitoring systems are way much advanced and they will enable you to monitor what I happening at your home even remotely.

  1. Lock up valuables in a safe

Any clever thief will first check the bedroom for valuables. Therefore, out win them by getting a small safe and put all your valuables such as jewelry, phones, and cash in there. If you don’t own a safe, hide then in unusual areas such as the kitchen or in an inconspicuous container in the bathroom closet.

  1. Create an impression that you are still at home

You don’t have to think so hard about this, go buy timing switches for your light lamps. The timing switch lights switch the lights on at specific times creating the impression that you are at home. There is no burglar who is not afraid of the beam of light.

  1. Ensure proper locks and keys

It may sound obvious but it is very important to do a quick sweep to make sure all door, windows, gates and the like of your home is closed and locked properly before leaving. After that, make sure that all keys are out of reach as well as sight near windows, doors, and letterboxes.

  1. Don’t broad tell everyone about your absence

Make sure you keep a low profile on social media such as Facebook about your absence. This could be a very big mistake since the burglar will get to know you are not at home.  This could entice them to break-in into your home. It is one of the simple precautions that would save you from a great loss.

Would you like a visit to ensure your homes safety? Then contact us for professional a locksmith that can check out your home for you and advise you on the best security measurements to take. Call now at (661)210-1182.


Best Reasons to Rekey your Residential Locks

rekey residential locksWhy You Should Rekey Residential Locks

Rekeying is very important when you’re looking to rent an apartment or house that has previously been used.

It can potentially save you money and keep your home safe and secure for less than a lock change.

Here are some great reasons to rekey residential locks in your home.

  1. When you’re moving into a used apartment or rental home

    • One of the big things to consider when moving into an apartment/home is who lived there before you. You never know whether the former person left on good terms or not which could be a big security risk down the road.
  2. When you want a little extra security for your property

    • Maybe you live in a sketchy neighborhood and want to ensure your property’s safety when you’re not at home. Therefore, instead of changing your lock out for an expensive new one, just rekey the cylinder by yourself or with help from a locksmith. It will save you time and money you can spend on other renovations you want to work on.
  3. When your lock has stopped working

    • Maybe your lock isn’t turning the way it’s supposed to or it isn’t budging at all. In these cases, it’s a great idea to switch out the lock cylinder and get a rekey that keeps your property safe again.
  4. When you want a low-cost alternative to changing your lock

    • Most lock changes are very expensive and can cost you upwards of a hundred dollars for parts and labor. Not to mention that you will need to buy a new key as well when you change the lock. In contrast, to Rekey Residential Locks costs less because the total cost of the pins is usually much lower than a lock change. Plus, you don’t need to get a new key for a rekey job as the locksmith will change out the pins to fit the key you will use.
  5. When you’re short on time

    • For a lock change, you usually need quite some time to get the materials to disassemble the old lock. And then, you still need to buy the new lock, which takes more time. With rekeying, you simply change out the pins in the old lock to match the newly cut key. And within 10-15 minutes, you have a new key and a secure lock that will last you a lifetime.

Ultimately, to Rekey Residential Locks saves you time and money and secures your lock for less than it would cost at a dealership. If you need quick rekeying services, call Key Man Service Locksmith in Santa Clarita and get quick rekeying service in 20 minutes or less. Our phone number is (661) 210-1182 and we’re available around the clock, 24/7. Contact us today.

Why you shouldn’t procrastinate on finding a locksmith

Why you shouldn’t procrastinate on finding a locksmith

Most of us know in good conscience that we should have a few numbers on hand at all times when we’re driving or using our vehicles on the road. However, the vast majority of us tend to put it off until something actually does happen.

We then get stuck in an unfavorable situation, causing untold amounts of stress and frustration. This doesn’t have to be the case, but it happens more than we’d like to admit.

Here are some of the big reasons why you shouldn’t procrastinate on finding a locksmith right away.

Lock Emergencies happen when you least expect it

In all likelihood, you will get locked out on a day you weren’t expecting it to happen. While cars as a whole are getting safer and more convenient with keyless entry Key FOBs and the like, we can still get stuck somewhere when we leave our keys in the car or the ignition start push button fails to work.

Or you’re unable to get into your house because the keys aren’t working or the lock fails to open for whatever reason.

Better safe than sorry

As the saying goes, it’s better to be safe than sorry. You could get locked out at any time, so it’s good to have a locksmith you can call quickly instead of shuffling around frantically looking for one in the heat of the moment.

It could save you money

When you do the legwork beforehand, you can begin finding a locksmith that actually charges less than a dealership and provides emergency locksmith services.  Many locksmiths will try to take advantage of your situation and overcharge you, even if they don’t work in the same area you’re calling from.

You may not have AAA anymore

You may forget to pay the bill or your AAA card expires the day before the incident.

It’s convenient

All you have to do is call the number when you’re in a bind, doesn’t get any easier than that.

You will regret it

The reality is that many people get overcharged when they have a lock emergency because they didn’t do their homework on the company before they called in. It can be as devastating as a medical bill, so ensure that you have a company you can trust so you can prepare for the worst.

Locksmiths are 911 for your locks and keys

Locksmiths are your lifeline to call when you have an emergency that can’t wait. Just like 911 is the number you dial when there’s a medical or domestic emergency.

Your friends will thank you

Say you get locked out over the weekend after a night out with your friends. They will be very grateful if you’ve thought ahead and got yourself a good locksmith to bail you out.

It saves you the trouble of fixing the lock or key yourself

Why go through all the hassle of unlocking the door all by yourself?! Find a locksmith that responds to service calls in less than 20 minutes. And saves you the pain of possibly damaging your car and incurring more bills than necessary.

It saves you time

Most importantly, knowing a good locksmith will save you lots of time. And time is something you’ll desperately need when your keys are staring back at you in the car or house. Therefore, it just makes sense to do your research beforehand and pick a locksmith that knows what they’re doing. And will do an honest man’s job when you request their services in your hour of need.

Key Takeaway

More than anything, finding a locksmith you can call in times of crisis is simply convenient. The sooner you find a trustworthy technician to assist you in your hour of need, the less you will have to worry when something does happen.

Key Man Locksmith Santa Clarita provides 24 hour locksmith services and responds to your service requests in 20 minutes or less. Give us a call if you’re looking to stay safe out there at (661) 210-1182. We promise we don’t bite.

Biometric Locks

Biometric Locks

Biometric Locks

From the smallest mom-and-pop business to the largest department store, every company, office, or store needs locks of some sort. The needs of businesses are different than residential needs, and therefore need to be addressed separately. Whether your company is looking for the best high-tech upgrade for secure locks, or simply outfitting a new building with the proper security measures, it’s worth examining which options are best for you. On the following pages, we’ll explain how some of the best commercial locks on the market right now will suit your company’s needs. For further questions as to how we can help outfit your building, call Key Man Services at (661) 210-1182 and we’ll gladly send our expert to your location.

Benefits of biometric locks

There is no need for any physical keys, making it much simpler to control who will have access to the building. If an employee leaves the company, instead of replacing or rekeying your locks, you can just deactivate their entry code to the office. With physical verification, there is no need for remembering a password or code, which can easily be forgotten due to the overload of password the average person needs to remember on a daily basis. In addition, biometric locks allow fast entry into the office and usually recognizes the physical sign within seconds. Because a physical signature is much harder to copy than a manual key, biometric locks prevent inadvertent access that can occur if someone were to drop their key somewhere along the way.

fingerprinting scanning systems

A fingerprint scanning system is one that grants access to an authorized user by recognition of his/her unique fingerprint patterns. The system scans and converts fingerprint data into a numerical template. When one places his/her finger onto the system, if the numerical data is recognized, the door will unlock. Optical scanners capture an optical image of the fingerprint and use various algorithms to detect the unique patterns of one’s fingerprint such as ridges and bumps. There are varying degrees of resolution used in these types of scanners. The higher the resolution, the more accurate the reading of the fingerprint. Capacitive scanners the most common type of fingerprint scanning systems. By using a capacitor circuit, the system collects specific data regarding your fingerprint and analyzes the unique data for matching fingerprints in order to allow access.

There is a wide range of biometric locks such as fingerprint locks that are available on the market from which you can choose from. However, before selecting a particular digital lock for your home or business, it is very important for you to consult with us, Key Man Services, for the type of digital lock that is best suited for your home at (661) 210-1182.

Security Issues When Buying An Older House

Service for older house

Important security issues and tips when owning an older house

Old houses have a special charm of their own that makes people want to buy them. The timeless design, amazing craftsmanship with high-quality materials that are still in good shape and the history managing to tell through every wall and hardwood floor are reasons enough to seal a deal. But living in an older home might be easier said than done. While these properties are exquisitely beautiful, they often at times have a lot of shortcomings. Home security is one of them. Their security features are usually outdated and useless, and they pose a lot of security issues and risks. They require immediate upgrades such as new locks being installed or replacement of safety alarm system. Here are some tips to aid security issues in an old home.

Secure The Windows

Securing the windows that are the eyes of the house is a great start. Windows allow natural light, sunshine, and fresh air to reach into our homes however older ones pose a risk for potential burglars breaking into homes. Old homes usually have windows with old wooden frames that tend to become damp and lose their strength and integrity over the years. The weaker the wood, the easier it is for intruders to make their way into the house with the simplest tools. Worn-out safety grills or small-keyed locks will not do much to keep you safe against neighborhood burglars. Older, but often ineffective burglar alarms can also be easily defeated by crooks who know what they are doing. Our lock technician at Key Man Services will tell you what are the best locking mechanisms that will add more security to windows while leaving the design and feel of the building unaltered.

Replace Improper Door Locking Mechanism

Home burglars know a cheap, poor quality lock when they see one. And they won’t hesitate to take advantage of it. Even more advanced types of locks such as deadbolt locks will be tampered with in an attempt to forcefully enter a home. One excellent solution is the use of a modern security system that will issue warnings on phones whenever an individual is getting dangerously close to the house/gates. Smart locks work together with the old locks on your doors. You will, however, need to contact a home locksmith and ask them to install fresh sets of deadbolt locks, and have the interior deadbolts replaced. The best smart locks are battery-operated, which eliminates the need to worry about any wiring and boost home security.

Replace Outdated Security System

Outdated control panels and alarm sensors will most likely not work as expected in case they should warn you about someone trying to enter your home without your consent. Old wires that no longer work the right way may send false alarms or fail to send any alarms. Old homes usually come with old landlines with lots of wiring that can be easily cut by burglars. Plus, these systems may not meet the present state codes and standards required. Consider wireless security alarms and smart lights for each of your entrances.

So if you’re looking for the best lock replacement for your vintage home or have any emergency or non-emergency service request please contact the best locksmith expert in Santa Clarita who are available 24 hours and 7 days call at (661) 210-1182 today for the best services.

Why You Should Consider Lock Change Service

lock change (661) 210-1182When is the best time for changing your locks? This is one of the questions that many homeowners and commercial office managers ponder over and over again. Therefore, it is important that as the experts in lock replacement, we enlighten you on this. Here are some of the times when you should consider changing the locks.

  1. When Moving to New House or Office

For security purposes, it is always advisable that you change the locks. Consider the fact that you never know who lived in that apartment before you moved in. The past occupant could still be having access to your house since they might have an extra pair of keys with them.

Often, people take advantage of the duplicate key service offered by locksmiths and after moving out, they don’t leave the extra copies made. Therefore, when you move into a new home, you better change the locks to secure your belongings.

  1. Relationship Change

Breakups happen and when they do, every other party wants to win the fight. Therefore, you might want to change the locks to your house when you break up and for one reason or the other, you don’t trust the other party. Therefore, contact a lock change locksmith to secure your house and ensure there is no one else with access to the house.

  1. Losing the House Keys

So you have lost the keys to your house and fortunately, because you have a spare key, you find a way to your house. All is not done, and so you need to change the locks on your house. You never know who could have picked the keys and therefore, the reason why going that extra mile and changing the locks could save you from losses.

  1. To Upgrade to the Latest Security Locks

The old-fashioned locks are easy to pick and sometimes don’t match the latest renovations you have done at your home. Therefore, it is important that you consider changing the locks to match your security needs and add an aesthetic value to the doors.

Looking for the best lock change expert around Santa Clarita?

Contact Key Man Service today for the best services from the experts.

Your Best Ally When You Need To Unlock The House

Locksmith in Santa ClaritaLocked out of your home? (661) 210-1182

When you are locked out of your home, one of the first things you can do is ask for help. Depending on your situation, if you live with a roommate, can they come home and let you in? If you rent a place, try reaching out to your landlord. They will usually have a copy of your house key and might be able to let you back in. If you absolutely need to get back into your home, however, then you may want to call a locksmith as soon as possible.

First things first, Look for A Spare Key

A spare key is one of those things that never seems like a huge deal until you need it. If you’ve ever lost your keys, had them stolen, or locked yourself out of your house or car, you know how difficult and embarrassing it can be trying to get your door open. So, how would you open your car door without a key? And what about if you’re locked out of your house? Here are a few workarounds to help you get back in when you’re locked out.

Try Picking the Lock Yourself

An old trick to opening the door is to try and Jimmy the lock bolt with a card or rectangular object. Lockpicking only works on spring bolts, the kind usually found on standard-issue doorknobs. If your door has a deadbolt lock on it, it will not budge under the force of a card. To attempt to pick the lock with your card, start by choosing a card you won’t mind possibly destroying. Use a laminated card as they tend to work the best due to the flexibility of the plastic.

You would first insert the card between the frame and the door at the point where the latch is located. You would then hold the card perpendicular to the door and start pushing and wriggling the card. Keep in mind that while you push, start bending the card away from the doorknob to slide the latch back and away from the door jam. Try pushing your weight against the door while you bend the card.

Call a Locksmith in Santa Clarita

If you are not successful in unlocking the door then you can always call your local mobile locksmith, and if you were successful at unlocking the door, you should still consider calling a locksmith in Santa Clarita and upgrading your locks. Because you are now fully aware of how easy it would be for someone to break into your home. We offer 24-hour services on everything from car/home lockouts to home security installations.

Therefore, if you need help right away, you can always give Key Man Service Santa Clarita a call at (661) 210- 1182. You will receive a free quote over the phone, and our technicians can be at your location in 20 minutes. So what are you waiting for? Don’t waste another minute on the curb, call us today!

Santa Clarita Locksmith

Best Reasons to Rekey Your Home/Apartment in 2018

reasons to rekey 2018Best Reasons to Rekey Your Home/Apartment in 2018

There are many reasons why you’d have to rekey your home or apartment in 2018. What’s important is that you stay safe and secure if you’ve experienced a traumatic event that forced you to change your locks abruptly.

Below are some iron-clad reasons to rekey your locks if you find yourself in such a vulnerable position.

Moving into a new home.

Moving into a new home can be a happy time when your worries revolve around selecting the right color of paint or unpacking. However, there is one item that new homeowners should not overlook when moving into a new or previously owned home. That item is rekeying your locks.

Did you know that in 8% of all break-ins, the burglar did not force their way inside, but actually used a key? It is a common misconception that buyers have. A new home does not come with new locks, and criminals know this. Don’t put yourself and your loved ones at risk, call and schedule an appointment with one of our technicians today.

Updating your relationship status to single.

As our old friend Niel Sadaka said, “breaking up is hard to do”.  Breaking up can be even worse when you have to ask your ex for your keys back and in some cases even dangerous. A divorce or break up can sometimes bring out the worst in people.

According to The National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) in 1998 about 876,340 violent crimes were committed in the U.S. against women by their current or former spouses.

Don’t become a statistic, when relationships fail, you need to start looking out for yourself. Call and schedule an appointment to have your locks rekeyed. It is the simplest and most inexpensive way to protect yourself.

Keys stamped “Do not duplicate” are duplicated all the time.

Did you know there is no law regarding the “do not duplicate” key engraving on your key? The engraved message is merely a suggestion and is not legally binding. Property owners and managers began engraving the “do not duplicate” key message in an effort to control security violations from free-lancers who gain possession of a key.

Unauthorized key duplication is a real problem because of how difficult it is to track. Indeed, there is literally no system in place that tracks the number of keys that are duplicated. As well-meaning as the engraving is, it provides property holders with a false sense of security.

The certain way to know you have the only key is to get your locks rekeyed. Schedule an appointment with one of our locksmiths today.

Rekeying your locks is the quickest, most inexpensive and convenient way to protect yourself.

Rekeying your locks is a delicate process that allows you to use your existing hardware and update the pin combination to serve a new key. This requires dismantling the lock cylinder, removing the plug and changing the pin combination to recognize the new keys ridges and notches.

An experienced locksmith can rekey a standard lock in about 5 minutes. Additionally, rekeying your locks does not require any new materials, which makes this one of the most inexpensive services a locksmith provides.

Finally, scheduling a rekey appointment allows us to work around your schedule. Our mobile services are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Don’t wait for tragedy to strike, schedule your appointment today.


What to do when Keys for the Motor Vehicle is lost

It so frustrating when keys cannot be found, it is even worse when we are ready to leave our home to go out and meet someone for a very important appointment.
When this happens we immediately try to remember the last time we saw it, before we start searching, we also ask ourselves why this had to happen at this time, and we become more agitated as we realize that the keys are not in the place where we thought it would be.

Be Calm

Whenever this happens it is best to calm down and think about the best solutions for the problem; getting frustrated and angry won’t help you in any way, and this can only cause you to waste more time, as you tend to be less creative when you are angry.
If you are not able to recall where you saw the keys the day before, and you just cannot find them anywhere after you have searched for at least 30 minutes.
It is best for you to contact a professional Locksmith in your area.

How Locksmith Professionals Assist

If you should even find the keys when they are on their way, you will need a spare key and they will make it for you, so you won’t be having this problem in the future.
Most Locksmiths won’t charge you for a trip to your home and they will be happy to do a quick check of your locks around your home, to ensure your safety, while they are there.

However if the key is not found before the Locksmith arrives, you will be happy that the problem is now in the hands of a professional.
Locksmiths will offer a lot of different services to their clients, from making new keys to replacing an old key by reprogramming it.
You will be asked a number of questions before anything is done, but they are skilled and know what to do, and it is always their intention to solve your key problem in the shortest possible time.

Assisting the Locksmith

Having your VIN number available will be helpful, but if you don’t know where to find that number you can hand over your car’s registration documents to the locksmith so that he or she, can have access to the information.
This information helps the locksmith to make the best car key in your range.
You will be saving money when you do this as car dealer’s charge a lot for new keys and you will be waiting for a long time for those keys.

Technology is changing and keys are changing as well, but professional Locksmiths have been getting the necessary training so they can continue providing their clients with great service. These locksmith technicians are available 24/7 and they can do car key programming, key cutting, emergency door unlocking, transponder key replacement and many more services whenever you have a car lockout situation. It is good to have their number in your cell phone so you can give them a call whenever you need them.


What To Do With A Broken Car Key or Lock ?

Things happen.
Sometimes as a result of an accident or a break-in attempt the key and lock of your car are broken and you need to get it fixed.
Seems easy enough.
You call a local locksmith Santa Clarita and ask them to help you with the problem.

And usually it is as easy.
It will take some time for the professional to get everything fixed, but when he has the parts of the key it – is a simple enough job.

House Lосkоut Santa Clarita

There are a few ways how the key can get broken. Years of use wear the keys out and as a result they might not work in your ignition and your car doors.
Sometimes the chip inside the starter doesn’t work, so it needs to get reprogrammed.
Worn out keys can also snap in half.
When one of these things happens, you should simply find a good car locksmith in Santa Clarita and give him your keys or the parts of your key and leave it to them to fix it.
He will repair the key or use it to make a new one. He can reprogram the chip inside your car keys or transfer it to the new key, so it works perfectly.

If the key is stuck in the door or ignition and you cannot get it out, or if the key has snapped while inside it the job gets a little bit more difficult.
You need to find a good broken key specialist in Santa Clarita to come to you and get the key out, before replacing it. Do not try and get it out yourself.
The situation is bad as it is, if you do not know how keys and locks work you can cause damage to your lock.
So in addition to snapped keys you will get a broken lock.

Sometimes the problem may not be in the faulty key, though.
Quite often the problem is that the lock itself doesn’t work properly and is broken.
To fix a lock in Santa Clarita you need to find a good lock and key guy who will be able to evaluate the situation on site.
Some damages can be fixed on easily and do not require getting your car to a service, but sometimes your lock needs some complex works done on it, so you will not be able to take your car home right then and there.

If the lock is damaged beyond repair, car locksmith will have to completely replace it. Your car keys will be coded to the new lock, so sometimes you will not have to replace your keys as well.

Professional car locksmiths in Santa Clarita are very mobile and they can fix your problems on site in most occasions.
Sometimes when the problem is very complex you will have to wait for your car key or lock to be fixed.
So when choosing a locksmith for such complex jobs, make sure you have chosen a professional, Like the one you just found, us, call (661) 210-1182