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Sometimes changing the locks of your home or office may be a better choice than re-keying the same as new locks provide more assurance and are up-to-date with the need of the day.
Often, the difference in costs of re-keying and replacing old locks act as a deterrent in procuring new locks.
The advantage of new locks are that they are technologically up-to-date, offering peace of mind and removing the need to worry about the safety of your home, office or car.
While this reason should be enough to inspire you to get new locks, Locksmith Los Angeles outlines a few situations where lock replacements are needed, if not mandatory:
a) If you have just moved into a new apartment or home, it is highly advisable to replace all locks and locking systems to insure better protection. With the existing locks you would never know who has a spare key to your home.
b) If your locks are technologically out-dated they provide no protection at all.
Older locks are generally easier to pick thereby exposing you and your family to potential loss or even harm.
c) If your lock is starting to get stuck in the middle of the key-turn, it usually means that the tumblers inside the lock are out of alignment and may cease to function effectively anytime.
d) If you have a lot of duplicate keys handed out, the most obvious solution would be to change the locks.

Whatever the reason, replacing locks always amounts to added security.
Locksmith Los Angeles is locally owned, licensed and certified locksmith services offering a complete range of locksmith services in Santa Clarita.
We provide a wide range of up-to-date Locks and Locking Systems to suit your needs and budget.
Modern locking systems are more complex and provide more protection against house-breaking and burglary.
Fingerprint locks, digital code locks and locks with stronger deadbolts are more effective against potential threats as compared with earlier model locks.
Our services are top-notch and reliable.
Our technicians are well-experienced, certified and legally verified to seamless assistance with integrity.
And rest easy; our rates are the lowest and unbeatable in all of Los Angeles.
Upgrade your locks to a latest system offered by Locksmith Los Angeles.
Any situation requiring a replacement of locks is a serious affair and we at Locksmith Los Angeles have earned a reputation for rendering timely and reliable professional services, far exceeding customer expectations.
We assure impeccable craftsmanship and professional excellence at your disposal along with wide variety of hardware to support.
You one-stop-solution for Locks, Keys and everything related.
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