Understanding The Concept Behind Lock Picking And How To Protect Your Home Against It

Locksmith Santa ClaritaLock picking is one of the oldest known lock opening methods locksmiths have been using for decades to open padlocks. Since most homes still make use of the traditional cylinder locks as part of their security hardware devices, expert lock picking is a service still being offered by professional locksmiths all over the world.

Sadly, locksmiths aren’t the only ones who know how to expertly pick a lock. It is a well known fact that both intruders and burglars also have the capability to expertly pick your home locks when seeking unauthorized entry into your home.

As a homeowner, understanding the concept behind picking and how to protect your home locks against it will go a long way in safeguarding your home and making sure that intruders, burglars as well as other anti-social characters do not gain unhindered access into your home through lock picking. Homeowners who pay attention to lock picks should make sure they have the latest information in security to prevent most attempts to break into their home. Asides from understanding the concept behind lock picking, having knowledge of the concept behind lock picking, understanding the technology being used and the security alternatives available to you as a homeowner is also one of the best ways to avoid having your house locks picked by a burglar.

Lock picking can be carried out using a variety of tools. From tools designed and manufactured for the very purpose of picking various types of door locks to simple homemade items; lock picking can conveniently be executed once the right kind of tools or instruments are in hand. The general idea behind lock picking is to arrange the pins inside the lock in the same way that they would be arranged when the right correct key is used on the door.

One tool is first inserted at one end of the lock so as to create some tension on the lock pins while another second tool with a curved end is then inserted to try and raise the pins in the lock to a particular point where the plug will turn and the door will open. The two lock picking tools are normally used at the same time and good lock picks can open most doors in less than a minute once properly done.

Protecting your home door locks from lock picking simply involves you staying one step ahead of lock picking burglars and intruders. This is usually the first step to safeguarding your home against a potential break in. Since the most common ways to manipulate a door lock during a burglary involves lock picking, the best way to eliminate this risk is to install a keyless lock. With modern day advancements in technology over the last few years, the digital lock technology has also evolved to the point where keyless locks are now commonly used for homes and as such, serve as a great means of protecting your home locks against lock picking by burglars and intruders.

There are a wide range of digital locks such as fingerprint locks, pushbutton locks and remote controlled locks that are available on the market from which you can choose from.  However, before selecting a particular digital lock for your home, it is very important for you to consult with an expert residential locksmith on the type of digital lock that is best suited for your home.

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